"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment" / Tom Watson

Our Team

Meet our management team:


DAN IONESCU – dan.ionescu@NetworkShape.net

Director of Managed Services

Dan is an entrepeneur with 15 years business management experience. He has been working in IT since 1996 and has 10 years of experience working with a large number of Canadian businesses various sizes. He started NetworkShape in 2007 and had a major contribution to most client companies he worked with in terms of helping them grow beyond their limits by leveraging IT as a business engine. Dan is also our project expert when it comes to IP PBX solutions. A growing number of small or medium businesses use our own telecom infrastructure exclusively. He is particularly enthusiastic about voice over IP since it had his signature from day one. Dan posseses a master degree in Computer Science and owns a number of IT certifications such as Microsoft Certified System Engineer.


ALEXANDRU SZILAGHI alex.szilaghi@NetworkShape.net

Web Development Manager

Alex Szilaghi has about 14 years experience as a Web Developer after he switched his career from Human Psychology, being fascinated by the future of the IT world. He designed and coded websites for various customers, built web applications for online gambling, online portals, accounting, project management, and inventory automation. Mastered technologies are XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 HTML5, CSS 2, CSS 3, JavaScript, DHTML, JS, SQL Query Languages, XML, and other scripting languages.


ALEX GEORGESCU – alex.georgescu@NetworkShape.net

Infrastructure Architect

With many years behind corporate environment with hundreds of servers and complex networking Alex is the man behind the scenes making sure things are done properly at the network infrastructure level.


RADU APOSTU – radu.apostu@NetworkShape.net

Project and Client Support Manager

Radu has 17 years of IT experience providing IT Services and Consulting to reputable clients, from big Corporations and Governmental Organizations to hundreds of Small and Medium Businesses and not-for-profit Organizations. Radu possesses a University Degree in Business Information Systems and owns a number of master certifications in the IT Industry such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and HP Accredited Systems Engineer.


LIGIA MORENO – ligia.moreno@NetworkShape.net

Sales Manager

Ligia is an Electronic Engineer with a degree in Sales and Marketing Management at the UBC, and brings to NetworkShape more than 15 years of experience selling high technology products across Canada, Central America and South America. She takes pride in dedicating our knowledge of technology in satisfying our clients’ needs. She is passionate about travelling, hiking and spending time with her family.