"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment" / Tom Watson

Backup and Restore Services

backupWe like to call it backup and restore, not just backup, because you want to be able to restore when needed.

You should always backup your files, your work, your databases and there are a number of ways to do that. You can purchase expensive backup software, pay third party companies and use online backup solutions, buy backup hardware. This isn’t necessarily cost efficient. We want to integrate the most effective solution while keeping it below your budget. Our experience shows that in most cases people have either not yet understood the backup/restore importance and do not allocate resources for it until a disaster happens or (as a result of that) just go and spend as much as they can in order to be secure. The more they spend on it the more protected they feel they are in case of a hardware failure.

We would only say this: the backup solution does not need to be expensive, it just needs to work. It needs to be reliable, tested and documented. The way everything is backed up must be very intuitive and organized. If these conditions are met the solution is not going to be expensive and in fact it could be more effective than an expensive solution.

For example, Windows backup and an inexpensive dedicated piece of hardware could easily solve all backup needs for a mid size company that has 50 computer users or even more. We can recommend easy and inexpensive ways to keep offsite copies of data.
Our recommendation is that backups should be done centrally and it should be transparent to the users. We are looking forward to visiting with you and answer any questions related to the best ways of preventing you from losing any useful piece of information.


Laws about backup – Coming soon….