"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment" / Tom Watson

Managed Services

Is your network in shape?

managed-servicesNetworkShape offers support for everything we build, for all solutions we implement. We like to do this in a managed way: we will not just wait for your phone call to tell us the problem you are facing and send someone to fix it. We will not just ‘react’ to your needs but actually be proactive and put some work and thinking into preventing issues from occurring or reoccurring. Even if there may be times when a service fails and it needs to be repaired, we will be fully prepared in advance for such an event.

Managed services take downtime into consideration in two ways:
- Preventing by eliminating as many single points of failure as possible and in case it happens:
- Restoring the system to its previous working state with minimum effort and time

Once you become our client you will also know that you can call us or email us with urgent or non urgent matters during or outside business hours, depending on the agreement. We want to understand your needs.

How It Works
It is a simple process but not instant. It requires some initial work by both the customer and us in order to make it happen. In a fixed price agreement, the IT Company wants to make your environment unbreakable and only go on site when there is a true emergency. The customer gains a lot because their network will be healthy. We could use the analogy the better your auto-technician is the more available your car is to you.


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