"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment" / Tom Watson

Network Infrastructure

Is your network in shape?

infrastructureWe were talking about ‘freeways’ earlier and this is where it applies. Your network is a complex system of highways, freeways, bridges, toll roads, traffic lights that serve the traffic, voice and data traffic in our case. As we all know very well in some parts of our city depending on how the roads and bridges are designed and how they interconnect, traffic can be a nightmare.

It is important to start from the drawing board and think of the big picture. You need to cover the present and the foreseeable future and we will recommend the right routers, switches, VPN clouds that make the most sense to you. Servers communicate with each other and clients through these network devices and it is important to have them properly configured to allow efficiency and growth.

The wiring:

wiringWe cannot but only smile and take pictures when we see a network that is not labeled, has devices on the floor and wires all over the walls or behind the desks. Although we feel that we might have a long way ahead with much work to be done before the client would start to notice real benefits, we see it as a very good opportunity. We start with the end in mind, we know what the future will look like and we do not smile because of what we see presently. We smile because we know that after a while the client will remember where he started from and laugh at it. We built many networks over the last 10 years and we have the experience to approach any client.

Many people would say that it may not look proper (messy) but it still works. Our solution does more than just look proper. Here are at least two good reasons:

- Troubleshooting time is dramatically reduced.
- Growth can be implemented much easier and cheaper.

Ask us about our opinion, let’s meet in person, let us hear your problems or concerns and we will be more than happy to help you achieve goals.